104ingénierie brings together the unique expertise of the CENTQUATRE-PARIS in the cultural, artistic, urban planning and territorial fields to accompany you, in its role supporting contracting authorities and project management.

Our methodology is based on the concept of cultural urbanism and allows us to accompany public and private operators (institutions, public establishments, local authorities, real estate developers, architects, businesses, foundations) in the design and imagination of innovating cultural and artistic projects. As an expert in the creation of ecosystems that favour the hybridisation of multidisciplinary activities, 104ingénierie offers strategic, artistic, programmatic and technical recommendations for urban and architectural cultural projects.


Our projects


Our skills

Supporting, transforming, prefiguring

  • Studies of urban and cultural programming: defining the identity of a project and proposing a concept, diagnostics, positioning strategies, opportunity analysis and technical, economic and governance feasibility, etc.
  • Operational support in the development of artistic and cultural venues, temporary or perennial third places: prefiguration studies, operator consultancy organisation, sponsor research, support for the implementation of projects, etc.
  • Advice in the development of cultural and public policy strategies, training and experience sharing with local authorities and cultural institutions in the management of complex cultural facilities.

Creating, producing, activating

  • Creation and production of innovating cultural and artistic programmes: large events, festivals, artworks in the public space, participative workshops, exhibitions, artistic tours in the urban space, etc.
  • Creation and implementation of temporary activation devices, accompanying construction sites or urban projects, with local authorities, inhabitants and artists.
  • Artistic direction and coordination: analysis of technical and economic feasibility of artistic events, identification and connection with artists, defining a concept and programme, launch of project tenders.


Our team

Our permanent team

104ingénierie - Martin Colomer-Diez

Martin Colomer-Diez

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104ingénierie - Juliette Pinard

Juliette Pinard
Cheffe de projets

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104ingénierie - Milena Landré

Milena Landré
Cheffe de projets

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104ingénierie - Diane Claude

Diane Claude
Chargée de projets

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104ingénierie - Mathilde Dubillot

Mathilde Dubillot
Chargée de projets

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Our experts

104ingénierie - José-Manuel Gonçalvès

José-Manuel Gonçalvès

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104ingénierie - Julie Sanerot

Julie Sanerot
Directrice de la production du CENTQUATRE-PARIS

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104ingénierie - Marialya Bestougeff

Marialya Bestougeff
Directrice de l'innovation du CENTQUATRE-PARIS et de 104factory

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104ingénierie - Jean Bourbon

Jean Bourbon
Expert en relations avec les publics

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Our collaborators

104ingénierie team calls upon all the skills and expertise of the CENTQUATRE-PARIS team.

Thank you to all our former collaborators: Amaury Bech, Victoire Bech, Elsa Bellanger, Marco Carvalho, Clara Chalou, Solène Clappe-Corfa, Pierre Colomer, Manon Darphin, Clara Favriou, Justin Felix, Pauline Ferrière, Xavier Friolet, Sophie Galzy, Sophie Gaonac’h, Christophe Gualde, Simon Henry, Camille Leddet, Juliette Lytovchenko, Coralie le Falher, Anaïs Pinot-Gaucher, Lucie Robert, Marine Schwob, Valérie Senghor, Sandra Sturt, Benoît Thérèse, Lucas Vionnet...

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