As an extension of the visit to the venue, shows, exhibitions, gatherings and workshops are available as add-ons : meet with the artists or the artistic crews by the stage after a performance, learn about workshop and masterclass creation…

  • Interact with others through artistic practices (theater, dance, circus, music, visual arts)
  • Exchange views with the Team around art-related professions, culture and innovation
  • Free time to get acquainted with the space

In collaboration with dedicated educational or financial measures, it is possible to organize a workshop as an extension of your visit to the venue, built on a case by case basis with the people in charge of your project. If you are interested, get in touch with our public relations team.  


  • RPateliers_diapo01_Sonia-Krivine
    © Sonia Krivine - Réso SODA
  • RPateliers_diapo02_Sonia-Krivine
    © Sonia Krivine - Réso SODA
  • RPateliers_diapo03_Sonia-Krivine
    © Sonia Krivine - Réso SODA
  • RPateliers_diapo04_Josselin-Ligne
    © Josselin Ligné
  • RPateliers_diapo05_Sonia-Krivine
    © Sonia Krivine - Réso SODA
  • RP ateliers_diapo09 © Marc Domage
    © Marc Domage
  • RP ateliers_diapo08 © Marc Domage
    © Marc Domage
  • RP ateliers_diapo07 © Marc Domage
    © Marc Domage
  • RP ateliers_diapo06 © Marc Domage
    © Marc Domage



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