The Forum des dynamiques culturelles du territoire (The community cultural dynamics Forum) is an 3-5day event that brings together the whole of the artistic and cultural initiatives developed by the CENTQUATRE-PARIS and its partners on the North-Est of Paris. Throughout the whole season, students going from kindergarten to high school, university students, association members, amator troupes and social centers, have discovered the CENTQUATRE-PARIS line-up, interacted with artists and tried their hand at artistic practices.

These actions are deployed all throughout the year, and are concluded by a collective restitution conducted during a key event taking place each year, in May and in June. In the course of the various gatherings that took place in the past years, marked by the diversity of the propositions that were submitted, the desire of sharing the richness of these experiences with all individuals and all audiences grew. Whether you are a teacher, an educator, an animator, a member of a non-profit, engaged in a cultural discovery and artistic practices initiative, we can "forum" together.

To Forum, is :

  • follow a spectator path through the CENTQUATRE-PARIS line-up,
  • carry out an artistic or cultural practice,
  • interact, exchange, and share with other partners of the CENTQUATRE-PARIS,
  • get familiar with the CENTQUATRE-PARIS as a space of life and curiosity,
  • testify for your project during a public restitution


  • ANQA 2
    © Alexandra Serrano
  • Colette Magny 2
    © Alexandra Serrano
  • Danse-en-Seine-3
    © Alexandra Serrano
  • expo-2
    © Alexandra Serrano
  • expo-8
    © Alexandra Serrano
  • Jenatzy
    © Alexandra Serrano
  • Jenatzy-2
    © Alexandra Serrano
  • Lycée-Colbert-2
    © Alexandra Serrano
  • PJJ-19E-2
    © Alexandra Serrano
  • SERRANO_47A2982
    © Alexandra Serrano



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