By supporting the projects of the CENTQUATRE-PARIS, you associate your organization with a hub of the emerging arts scene which, faithful to its missions of openness and dialogue, strives to create a bridge between contemporary creation, its audiences and its community.

In choosing to collaborate with the CENTQUATRE-PARIS, you are choosing a model of co-construction, building a unique and meaningful partnership through the sharing of experiences, networks and common goals.

In this post-covid era where social ties have been weakened and each of us must become an advocate for change, the CENTQUATRE-PARIS reinforces its commitments to its core values: supporting youth and local communities, solidarity, diversity, eco-responsibility, civil engagement, etc.

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Stimulating your values

Join forces with a unique cultural testing ground, at the junction of art and innovation. In becoming a CENTQUATRE-PARIS partner, you’re giving your company the opportunity to:

  • Share its values related to creativity, innovation and transparency
  • Participate in a project favoring social initiatives and help widen access to art
  • Bring together your collaborators and clients, through creative experiences via privileged access to our programming.
  • Plan your events in an atypical environnement and offer an unforgettable experience to your guests
  • Develop your artistic potential through encounters with artists
  • Express your social values and commitments to the world through our communication tools

Tailor-made collaborations

Matching the plurality of the projects carried out by the CENTQUATRE-PARIS, each partnership is conceived in a custom-made manner, meeting your wants and needs as closely as possible:

Partnerships for an artistic season

→ You support the entirety of the projects presented during one or several artistic seasons (from September to July)

Partnerships for Festivals & Exhibitions

→ You are a partner supporting a specific exhibition or festival

Thematic partnerships

→ You are a partner supporting one theme within the programming: music, dance, local initiatives, urban cultures, youth creative initiatives, etc.

Partnership on a specific project

→ You are a partner supporting one of the permanent projects that make up the venue’s identity: Le Cinq, la Maison des Petits, 104factory, 104ingénierie, etc.

Benefits of patronage

In order to meet your company’s needs and objectives as well as possible, the CENTQUATRE-PARIS teams are offering several original and unifying initiatives to be explored together.

Collaborations with our cultural engineering team on your projects

With the 104ingénierie team, the CENTQUATRE-PARIS develops its artistic and cultural engineering missions beyond its walls. We work with planners, promoters, architects, companies, foundations, institutions and local governments. We can produce studies, provide consulting services, take care of the artistic direction of events, conceive artistic programming, etc.

Access to our line-up

Offer privileged access to our artistic line-up to your clients and collaborators, a unique opportunity to get familiar with emerging artists and new art projects from all over the world:

  • Meetings and workshops with artists in residency
  • Events dedicated to patrons and partners
  • Invitations to VIP exhibition openings
  • Passes for exhibitions and shows
  • Guided tours of exhibitions

Reinforce your public relations

With its atypical and modular layout and its architectural charm, the CENTQUATRE-PARIS helps you create tailor-made events, ranging from fashion shows to cocktail parties as well as exhibitions and conferences.

Access our media tools

Benefit from extra visibility on our communication channels and a powerful communication strategy:

  • On-site and in the City of Paris: poster campaigns, media partnerships, event programs, etc.
  • Online: website, newsletters, social media, etc.

Financial guide

The CENTQUATRE-PARIS is eligible to patronage and allows you to enjoy great tax benefits:


For a contribution of: 10 000 €      40 000 €

60% tax reduction: - 6 000 €    - 24 000 €

60% tax reduction: - 2 500 €    - 10 000 €

→ Actual cost of donation:   1 500 €        6 000 €


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