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Boîtes à rire

with: Frédéric Boyer, Bertrand Bossard, Samuel Bloch, Arnaud Meneroud, Pascal Valty…

2021.02.06 > 2021.02.28

Each of Serge Bloch’s “laughing boxes” proposes an experience that is out of the ordinary, absurd, surrealist and contemplative, but mainly humorous. We enter, prick up your ears or have a quick look, always accompanied by the artist’s characters that come to life to transform our environment and change our reflection with cheekiness and philosophy.


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Serge Bloch

Resident artist

Inscribed at the School of Decorative Arts of Strasbourg in 1978, Serge Bloch followed Claude Lapointe’s illustration classes. He quickly started to draw in publishing and youth press. Over the course of the years, he has built a simple yet expressive style. Today he divides his editorial work between adult and youth press (he is namely the creator of the characters Max and Lili, and SamSam), publishing and communication. He also exhibits his drawings and collaborates on books.