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In the course of his songs, we come across Modiano and Platini, The Divine Comedy and Martin Parr, high school girls and former ravers that have become fathers. The inventory of time passing but that is never lost, the nostalgia that is not calcified by regrets, a punctilious autobiography mixing portraits of the time and spaces that are never ordinary, this is the ultrasensitive and ultraextensible art of Vincent Delerm. After several residency periods at the CENTQUATRE, he is coming to unveil as a premiere the tracks from his new album that will be released in October and with which he will tour all over France. As Truffaut once said: “One must do little things as if they were big”. Vincent Delerm’s big little things will never cease to dazzle.

Vincent Delerm is an artist in residency at the CENTQUATRE-PARIS

sold out


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