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Tientos al Tiempo


as part of the Festival Séquence Danse Paris

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Looking at sound, listening to light, touching time through flamenco dance. Tientos al Tiempo is a series of experiences that extends flamenco dance throughout time and space, using light and sound to visualise the rhythmic sketches of flamenco compás.

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Born in 1978 in Spain and based in the South of France, Pablo Valbuena graduated in 2003 from the ETSAM (Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid). Space, time and perception are at the heart of his research and his artworks, which are generally conceived to echo the architecture of the space exhibiting them. His work has been presented throughout the work in various museums and art centres (Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria in 2007; Vooruit in Gent, Belgium in 2009; Museum of Seoul, South Korea in 2014, etc.) and in the urban public space. He namely created a monumental artwork, Kinemato...