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Le Cahier noir

based on Olivier Py’s illustrated novel (Actes Sud, 2015)

01.23 > 2018.02.03

as part of the Festival LES SINGULIERS #2

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In his Cahier Noir written at the age of seventeen, Olivier Py depicts with humour and lyricism his youth in the provinces. Painful confessions and brown-ink drawings. Will of enslavement, degrading ceremonies. One can find his obsessional themes like sexuality and faith, the world eroticised by literature. Thirty-five years later, the author and stage director has adapted this first novel for theatre. In a minimalist setting, a trio of actors unveil with panache the unique world of a great actor condemned to transcendence.

sold out


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  • Olivier Py Le Cahier Noir Marc Domage Diapo03
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