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2018.02.13 > 2018.02.17

sold out

Twenty years after HIC HOC, Jérôme Thomas takes inspiration from this piece to create Magnétic. Without special effects or decor, the King of the Juggle summons magic and the practice of juggling. Choreography of bodies and objects. An abstract composition based on lines and forms, geometric variations.

Magnétic is a piece written for four amazing European jugglers of today, elastics, long rods and several polystyrene plaques… A multi-sensorial experience in juggling and music.

sold out


  • tarif plein € 20
  • tarif réduit € 15
  • tarif abonné 104 € 12

box office : +33 (0)1 53 35 50 00

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  • Magnetic diapo5 © Ch Raynaud De Lage
  • Magnetic diapo4 © Ch Raynaud De Lage
  • Magnetic diapo3 © Ch Raynaud De Lage
  • Magnetic diapo2 © Ch Raynaud De Lage
  • Magnetic diapo © Ch Raynaud De Lage

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