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Le Prix du PIF

Starting from 10.11.2016, on the occasion of different highlights of the programme

This season, the visitors of the CENTQUATRE-PARIS will be able to purchase on several occasions limited edition artworks of the artistic duo aalliicceelleessccaannnnee & ssoonniiaaddeerrzzyyppoollsskkii, entitled PIF. How are the prices of these strange objects determined? You will know after having bought them…


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In their last show, Le titre du spectacle est : aléatoire [The show’s title is: random], presented at the CENTQUATRE-PARIS in 2015, the duo aalliicceelleessccaannnnee & ssoonniiaaddeerrzzyyppoollsskkii highlighted the equalitarian aspect of the collection of “Que sais-je?”, that gives the same importance (128 pages sold at a price of 9 euros) to all of the themes handled. Using this time the negative impact of single pricing, that is to say the destruction of any scale of value, they decided to sell their collection of “Que sais-je?”, for prices going from several tens of euros up to several hundred thousand euros. Each packet sold on this original stall therefore contains a “Que sais-je?”, but also a mysterious bulb and a brochure that explains how the two artists fixed their price. Because, despite appearances, the PIF’s price isn’t fixed randomly. It answers to a logic, however absurd, of attribution of market value, that the two associates will explain to you, using images. Why buy Les Particules élémentaires [Elementary particles] for 3001 euros or Jésus for 33 euros? While only the buyers will have the complete explanation, the price grid available on the stall already contains delicious pirouettes of arguments.

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