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Peach Garden

A dreamlike wandering in a surreal garden

10.27 > 2020.11.08

sold out

Peach Garden is one of the first free roaming large scale installation designed for Oculus Quest. Director Hayoun Kwon created her own vision of a famous Middle Ages Korean painting through eight fantastic landscapes that you can choose to explore in a free and unlimited way and time.  The installation is made for a 30x15m setting but the size of the garden can be adjusted to adapt multiple rooms scales. Go for a walk into a dream !

sold out


  • plein tarif € 8
  • tarif adhérent € 5
  • tarif réduit € 5
  • tarif réduit collectivités € 5
  • tarif adhérent € 3
  • tarif abonné € 3

box office : +33 (0)1 53 35 50 00

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practical information

Tuesday > Sunday : 12pm-7pm
duration : 20 mn
from 13 years old


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Cast & creative

created by : Hayoun Kwon
lead developer : Julien Le Corre
developer : Justine Delomenie
level designer : Fabrice Gaston
artist : Guillaume Bertinet

technical designer : Maxime Grange
animator : Samuel Arbouille
modeler / texturer : Axel Mounier
composer & sound designer : Norman Bambi

Production, supports

Production: Innerspace
International distribution: Diversion cinema
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