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Portraits of Refugees

01.10 > 2020.02.16

as part of the festival Les Singuliers

A painter, drawer and performer, Guillaume Bruère adapts in his works with colourful and dynamic lines, the intensity of the faces on which he lays his artist’s eyes. In this series of refugee portraits, created in Berlin and Graz, in Austria, he gives an identity back to individuals who have been made invisible by their status.

  • Cahier-Art---Guillaume-Bruère-14
  • Cahier-Art---Guillaume-Bruère-13
  • Cahier-Art---Guillaume-Bruère-11
  • Cahier-Art---Guillaume-Bruère-10
  • Cahier-Art---Guillaume-Bruère-9
  • Cahier-Art---Guillaume-Bruère-8
  • Cahier-Art---Guillaume-Bruère-7
  • Cahier-Art---Guillaume-Bruère-4
  • Cahier-Art---Guillaume-Bruère-3
  • Cahier-Art---Guillaume-Bruère-1

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