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Non c'est pas ça ! (Treplev variation)

Freely inspired by The Seagull, by Anton Chekhov

2017.10.05 > 2017.10.14

sold out

Freely imagined using Chekhov’s work, this Seagull flies up into the high creative spheres of the Grand Cerf Bleu. An inspired “non-seagull”, at once sensitive and funny, that brings to mind the main themes dear to Chekhov: love, desire, torment and beauty of creation…
Under the guise of a joyful formal deconstruction, the collective created a new form. Theatre, music and risk-taking! An energetic show that alternates moments of grace and comical situations.  

sold out


  • tarif plein € 15
  • tarif réduit € 12
  • tarif abonné 104 € 10

box office : +33 (0)1 53 35 50 00

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  • Non c'est pas ça 4 © Simon Gosselin
  • Non c'est pas ça 3 © Simon Gosselin
  • Non c'est pas ça 2 © Simon Gosselin
  • Non c'est pas ça © Simon Gosselin

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