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5 rue Curial, Paris 19th, France


Le CENTQUATRE, an artistic establishment in the City of Paris.

Located in the 19th arrondissement and directed by José-Manuel Gonçalvès, the CENTQUATRE provides space for residencies, production and performance for artists and audiences from all corners of the globe. The CENTQUATRE encompasses all forms of art: theatre, dance, music, cinema, video and also culinary, digital and urban art. The vast majority of the centre's programme is made up of artists who are, have been or are going to be in residence at CENTQUATRE. The centre supports and works with young artists and also provides insight into their artistic creations. Conceived as an artistic collaboration, it provides open access to a range of emerging art through a decidedly popular, contemporary and ambitious programme. It is also a vibrant place with shops and areas dedicated to amateur artistic activities and a space for young children.

Opening hours

pictogramme horloge Tuesday: 12pm-7pm pictogramme horloge Saturday: 11am-7pm
pictogramme horloge Wednesday: 12pm-7pm pictogramme horloge Sunday: 11am-7pm
pictogramme horloge Thursday: 12pm-7pm pictogramme horloge Monday: closed
pictogramme horloge Friday: 12pm-7pm  

CENTQUATRE will be closed from August 11 to 25

special access for evening shows


ticket booth
Tuesday > Friday: 12pm-7pm
weekends and civil holidays: 11am-7pm

pictogramme téléphone + 33(0)1 53 35 50 00
pictogramme contactContact

administrative information
Monday > Friday: 9am-1pm / 2pm-6pm

pictogramme téléphone + 33(0)1 53 35 50 01
pictogramme contactContact

Come and see us


Riquet (line 7)
Stalingrad (lines 2, 5 et 7)
Marx Dormoy (line 12)


Crimée or Crimée / Curial stops (lines 54 and 60)
Riquet stop (line 54)
Riquet or Curial / Archereau stops ("La Traverse" shuttle)

> find more on ratp interactive map

Vélib' (city's bicycles for rent)

rue Curial
rue d’Aubervilliers
rue Riquet
rue de Tanger
avenue de Flandre
quai de la Seine

> find more on Vélib' interactive stations map

Autolib' (city's cars for rent)

35 rue Mathis
61 avenue de Flandre
126 rue d'Aubervilliers
38 rue d'Aubervilliers
169 avenue de Flandre

> find more on Autolib' interactive stations map

parking within 500 meters of CENTQUATRE 

Parking 2000
234 rue de Crimée
Résidence Berzelius
156 rue d'Aubervilliers
Parking résidentiel de Flandre
41 rue de Flandre
Rouen Flandre
8 rue de Rouen

> Disabled parking locations available

accomodation near the CENTQUATRE

Holiday Inn Express *** Paris-Canal de la Villette
68 quai de la Seine
75019 Paris FRANCE

tel. + 33(0)1 44 65 01 01

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Prices and booking

book online, on our partners websites

or contact us:
by phone: + 33(0)1 53 35 50 00
by e-mail

you may also buy your tickets in front of the venues 200 and 400, 45 minutes before each event

pricing policy

ticket for any show of the week gives access to exhibitions at the reduced rate
free admission to exhibitions for children under 6 years accompanied (excluding visits groups)

reduced price

groups (10 people), - 30 years, + 65 years, people receiving minimum social, students, artists, families, carte CEZAM, subscribers of partner sites and institutions, "PASS 104" subscribers

the "PASS 104"

Privileged spectators, you have access to the artistic proposals for the lowest rates and get special benefits:
> access to the lowest rates for all the artistic proposals during one year from the date you purchase your Pass
> your companion has the reduction also
> one free ticket, available for one of our exhibitions
> reduction from 5 to 10 % at the bookshop of the CENTQUATRE, invitation to specific events and special meetings, preferential rates with our partners.

PASS 104 prices: € 25 / € 15 (concessions) / € 15 (students)
Upon request, the CENTQUATRE printed program can be sent.

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Bertrand Bossard's "disguided tours"

Staged by French comedian Bertrand Bossard,
these puzzling tours invite you to go behind the scenes.
bouton + more info (in French)

guided tours for groups

Guided tours are organized for groups upon request. These tours can focus on three themes:
> temporary exhibitions tour
> art project tour, based on the current artistic work developed at the CENTQUATRE
> custom tour, made to fit your desires and needs. This tour can focus on a specific theme (architecture, history) or be provided in a foreign language.

All tours must be booked from 3 to 7 days in advance:
by phone: + 33 (0) 1 53 35 50 00, or e-mail
Depending on your request and the duration of the tour, costs may vary from 75 € to 225 €.

independent tour guides

Please note that the CENTQUATRE does not allow paid tours conducted by independent tour guides.

The CENTQUATRE is a member of the Paris Convention and Visitors' Bureau and a partner of the Paris and Ile-de-France Regional Tourism Committee.

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Children and young adults

Several events and activities designed for a young audience are offered by the CENTQUATRE:

Specific facilities:
> The House for Children
For children under 5 years old and their parents, the artist Matali Crasset designed the House for Children, a space for encouraging early artistic learning and experimentation.
bouton + more info (in French)

Available for amateur artists of the 18th and 19th arrondissements (accessible for individuals aged 16 and over, or via school or associative groups for the younger ones).
bouton + more info (in French)

> Le Merle Moqueur, 104's bookshop
Its children and young adults section is well stocked with literature and illustrated books, but also non-fiction, encyclopaedic and artistic references for young readers. Throughout the year, the bookshop's staff provide a wide range of activities (storytelling, introductory reading and drawing workshops, meet-the-author sessions and book signings etc.).
bouton + more info (in French)

Activities, exhibitions and concerts for young audiences:
> In the young public section of the agenda (in French)

Acces for disabled persons

The CENTQUATRE is committed to providing access to culture for all people.

> For persons of reduced mobility:
Visiting the ground floor of the CENTQUATRE is entirely accessible for persons with reduced mobility.
The CENTQUATRE is also equipped with two auditoriums with spaces reserved for persons with reduced mobility.
When you make your reservation, please specify that you wish to access this area.

> For visually-impaired persons:
An audio-guide system, maps and multi-sensorial kiosks are dotted throughout the CENTQUATRE.

> For hearing-impaired persons:
Auditoriums 200 and 400 are equipped with audio induction loops.

For more information, please contact us
by phone: + 33 (0)1 53 35 51 11
or by e-mail



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