Pauvreté, Richesse, Homme et Bête

2018.02.08 > 2018.02.12

  • at T2G - Théâtre de Gennevilliers


Pauvreté, Richesse, Homme et Bête (1933) is not just a dramatic piece, it’s also a poem, a tale. The work recounts ten years of the life of the rich farmer Vinje Manao. He wishes to marry Sofia, a poor peasant, but he is the victim of the plot of the wealthy Anna. She throws the young girl into the arms of an accomplice servant and accuses her of infanticide. It’s a long story about the peasants from the Great North (the rich) and their farm servants (the poor). At once realistic and magical, it’s a violent and blunt reflection on love, far from the moral criteria of the time. One can see through the beings like glass. The language is tough, almost brutal, uncompromising, even lapidary. The actors of the drama struggle with unfulfilled desire, fears, superstitions, the will to possess. Some want to know pleasure, once, others happiness. And in their quests, they collide with one another. The darker ones are tenacious like enraged dogs. The purer ones lack courage… The whole makes up a burning enigma, carved in a solid language.

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  • Pauvret Diapo © Herve Bellamy
  • Pauvret Diapo 2 © Herve Bellamy
  • Pauvret Diapo 3 © Herve Bellamy
  • Pauvret Diapo 4 © Herve Bellamy
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