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BIC, a family company and world leader in the areas of stationery, lighters and razors, unveils for its first time its contemporary art collection. It was started in 1998 on the occasion of an exhibition in Italy that had associated artists to the celebration of the magnificent adventure of Marcel Bich, creator of the company.

Objects accessible to all, the BIC® products, like the BIC® Cristal pen, lighters or razors, are fixed in our collective memory and have become icons. They have inspired many artists throughout the world and BIC wished to develop a collection where each of its iconic products has become a medium for artistic creation.

opening hours

vernissage public

  • Saturday 14h - 19h

horaires exposition

  • Tuesday 14h - 19h
  • Wednesday 14h - 19h
  • Thursday 14h - 19h
  • Friday 14h - 19h
  • Week-end 12h - 19h
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Bringing together a hundred artworks, the exhibition of the BIC Collection looks to share with the public previously unseen works where drawing is mixed with writing, where installations, sculptures and videos rub shoulders with design and fashion. Giving this exhibition visibility at the CENTQUATRE-PARIS seemed obvious, as the venue and the brand share a common vision: touching and inspiring the largest number possible.

The idea of this exhibition is also to explore territories of contemporary creation and unify all sorts of public around workshops that will be led by artists.

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Touching and inspiring the largest number possible, exploring territories of contemporary creation and unifying all sorts of public… These goals have been successfully pursued by the CENTQUATRE-PARIS since its opening. BIC is happy to be able to support such a unique, dynamic and committed Parisian institution, and to let the BIC Collection express itself in its walls.

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